Life at Emu

Emu Search is choosing a career less ordinary

We’re a group of likeminded search professionals who alone achieve great things, but collectively, offer something extraordinary to each other and the executive search space.

How? Every single person on our team has something unique they bring. This is powerful. It allows us to create an eco-system for our partners, whereby they have the support, tools and expertise to call on and propel them forward to deliver their life's best work.

Life at Emu

Who doesn’t love a Peninsula winery lunch? A team wellbeing yoga session? Or a day tree surfing with the kids? (both big and little on this occasion)

Being remote-first also enables us to be family-first, and while we work incredibly hard in delivering extraordinary outcomes for our clients, it doesn’t mean we don’t take the time to sit back and smell the rosé from time to time.

Benefits of working with us

We're remote first

Work from home, the office, or a beach in Bali! As long as you can deliver extraordinary outcomes we’re right behind you!

We give back

From donating 1% of sales to causes we believe in, to our monthly community initiatives, we believe in making a difference.

Unlimited annual leave

Because we know that 4 weeks just doesn’t cut it.

Recognition & Reward

An industry-leading remuneration plan, and regular incentives to recognise your contribution.

Ways of working

We’re fully Agile, and incorporate the latest tech into our operating rhythm to deliver outstanding results.

Amazing city digs

Exclusive access to the Work Club Global network of luxurious offices in Melbourne & Sydney.

Paid parental leave

8 weeks paid parental leave and ongoing support when you need it most.

True collaboration

We believe it's true what they say. If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.

Our Vision

To be the search firm that extraordinary people love to work with.

Our Values
It took us a while to get there, but we landed on five key values that have been part of our make-up since establishing Emu. They’re more than words on a screen, they’re the talk we walk.

Don't sweat the small stuff, remember to have fun, keep it light and laugh. The work always gets done so enjoy the journey and it's challenges, warts and all!

Find your edges, seek your blind spots, explore new ways of doing things, allow curiosity to be the motion, so learning, innovation and growth naturally evolve.

Come in be yourself, do what needs to be done, and don't force things.

Maintain balance and authenticity between work and life to keep it real.

Contribution, agility, innovation and lifting spirits are in all things Emu, that surprise and delight.

We recognise, celebrate and reward inspiring efforts.

Clients value our unique approach. We're fully Agile, have an 'always on' communication style, and we're moving the needle when it comes to the future of Executive Search.

We get that being different starts with how we are as a team, so we have a real focus on the wellbeing of our people, in order to bring a refreshing energy that heightens our clients' experience.

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